sustainable leadership – leadership from he heart

Steen Hildebrandt and Michael Stubberup has since 2005 taught courses, workshops, educational retreats, and offered diploma training in the field of Leadership from the Heart  – a theory and practice concerning the internal as well as the external aspects of the leadership process – describes in their book Sustainable Leadership – Leadership from the Heart (2012). 

In the book they focus on three levels of sustainability: 1) the individual, 2) the social, and 3) the global.

Human Systems Sustainability – on Health

 New theories addressing solutions – Steen Hildebrandt & Michael Stubberup

In this article we have selected some professional areas which each in their own way contribute to a holistic systemic perspective on humanity and nature. This cumulative knowledge will constitute the basis of an actual cross-disciplinary sustainable paradigm shift.
We must qualify our collective and international ability to see and understand connections and contexts. We could do so by for instance giving priority to interdisciplinary research in sustainability and ecological intelligence.

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Michael Stubberup

B.A. and M.A., author. Managing Director at SYNerGAIA. For 20 years he have worked as leader, including three years in charge of a Danish Red Cross refugee center, and ten years as a director of a language center. In 1999 he established SYNerGAIA Rehabilitation (with departments in Århus, Herning, and Holstebro) where he is presently Chairman of the Board. Concurrently he supervises the development of courses and further education in SYNerGAIA Innovation. He is a member of a number of boards and since 1997 he has been a member of the executive committee at the Vaekstcenteret in Nr. Snede.